Formularity  provides the latest in electronic form technology!!!

With Formularity  Safety Forms, your old paper forms will run on any type of computer, tablet, or smartphone; running any browser; all without any plug-ins, proprietary applications, or Java. Your users will be able to fill out your forms online or offline, at their convenience. In fact, they can start online and then transfer the partially completed form to their computer or tablet to be completed offline, all without losing any information.

Formularity  Safety Forms digitally encrypt all information, both “in-motion” and “at-rest,” using strong, government-certified encryption. Formularity Safety Forms can be digitally signed and meet the privacy protection requirements of both HIPAA and the PCI, making them ideal for health care enrollments and medical claims, tax and revenue filings, and legal contracts.

Nobody else offers you this much freedom and choice!!!

Any Form


Formularity Safety Forms Are Versatile

Formularity can turn any paper form into a secure electronic form that can be easily filled out:

  • Field by field...
  • Or through a progressive “interview” process
  • Unlimited help can be displayed for each form field or question
  • Any type of logic and error-checking can be built directly into the form, eliminating incorrect submissions
  • Any number of repeating or conditional fields
  • Formularity  Safety Forms are multilingual and accommodate a variety of foreign character sets
  • Formularity  Safety Forms are accessible and have been developed to meet the requirements of Section 508 of the United States’s Rehabilitation Act
  • Formularity Safety Forms are compatible with third-party accessibility tools such as screen readers
  • Formularity  Safety Forms can be filled out online through major browsers, without plug-ins or applets
  • You can pre-fill form fields to customize the form for each specific employee, client, or citizen
  • At any time, the user can download the form to fill out offline, retaining all the information entered while online
  • The user can submit a completed offline form, or upload a partially completed offline form to complete online
  • This online-offline cycle can be repeated until the user has fully completed the form and submitted it
  • No software needs to be installed in order to fill out the offline version of the form

Any Device


The Fully Responsive Formularity 

Formularity Safety Forms can be filled out by any user, regardless of the type of computer, tablet, or smartphone they are using.

Formularity  Safety Forms are compatible with:

  • Microsoft Windows (PCs, Tablets, and Smartphones)
  • Apple Mac (OSX)
  • Apple iPhone/iPad (iOS)
  • Android Tablets and Phones (including Amazon FireOS)
  • Linux (all distributions, including Ubuntu, Redhat, and SUSE)
  • Blackberry
  • Tizen
  • FirefoxOS
  • Symbian
  • Unix (Solaris and BSDs)

Any Browser


Use Formularity Anywhere!

Formularity forms are compatible with all major browsers, WITHOUT ANY PLUG-INS, ACTIVEX CONTROLS, or JAVA!

With any browser, including:

  • Internet Explorer (9, 10, 11, and Microsoft Edge)
  • Safari (for both Mac and Windows)
  • Google Chrome (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
  • Firefox (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
  • Opera (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

And the standard browsers on the:

  • iPhones/iPads
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry
  • Tizen
  • Symbian

You name it, we are compatible with it!!


Any Time


And Anywhere

Formularity  Safety Forms can be filled out on-line or off. Users can start filling out a form online and then decide to transfer the partially completed form to their device to be completed offline at a later time. This can be at home, on holiday, or while traveling. Your users can fill out your forms on their terms, taking time to research their answers and work anywhere, regardless of Internet access.

  • You can "pre-load" forms with existing user data, to personalize forms and to reduce the need for your users to fill out redundant information
  • Forms completed offline can be electronically checked and submitted when your users go back online

All of this without plug-ins or special proprietary tools such as Java, Silverlight, ActiveX, or Flash! This reduces the effort required to use Formularity  Safety Forms and helps keep your users safe from cyber security vulnerabilities. You don't want to be liable because you required your users to use software with extensive, known security breaches in order to complete and fill your forms!!!




The Security Features Of Formularity 

Formularity Safety Forms were designed from the ground up for the secure collection, processing, and storage of sensitive information. Our clients are government agencies and large commercial firms that have legislative and industry mandates regarding the protection of citizen and customer information.

Formularity  uses leading government and industry practices and technology to fulfil these mandates:

  • Strong, industry-reviewed cryptography is used to protect all information from disclosure and alteration; both “in motion” and “at rest”
  • You set the policies regarding the access, strength, and granularity of the cryptographic protection
  • Customer and citizen-provided information is encrypted as it is entered into the Formularity  Safety Form, long before it’s sent to the collecting data center
  • The information is never exposed during its collection and storage
  • Formularity  Safety Forms and services are based on the Principle of Least Authority (POLA), an industry leading paradigm used to reduce risk and increase auditability
  • Formularity  Safety Forms support the industry leading practice of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), letting you control who can access what information, when, and for how long
  • All Formularity software and forms are digitally signed, using our client’s certificates, against unauthorized alterations and to establish an electronic chain of trust

No Lingering Liability of Identity Theft

Identity theft and data breaches are very real concerns. We all recognize our responsibility to protect our employees, customers, and citizens’ information and the potential legal liabilities associated with information breaches. However, our responsibilities don’t end there. If your form requires customers or citizens to download and install special software or readers, you may also be responsible for having weakened their cyber-defenses and may be liable for future breaches enabled by your required software.

Several of the technologies used on other form-based data collection systems have a troubled history of critical vulnerabilities and constant patching:

How long will you remain responsible for asking your customers and citizens to install vulnerable software?


  • Does not use Java
  • Does not require third party applications and “form fillers,” such as Adobe Reader
  • Does not install any software
  • Does not use any “browser extensions” or “add-ins”
  • Does not use “Active Content,” such as Adobe Flash or Microsoft ActiveX controls
  • Does not require the user to make any configuration changes to their browser or operating system

Formularity Safety Forms are engineered to safeguard your customer’s information … and your customers


Hosted Anywhere


Formularity Servers, Your Servers, Or “The Cloud”

Formularity offers a “complete” solution, including the software and services needed to securely accept, process, and store submitted forms.

We provide multiple ways for you to capture, store, and process information collected through Formularity  Safety Forms:

  • As a Formularity Managed Service – Formularity  provides form capture and storage as highly scalable Services, in our multiple Tier 4 SAS 70 data centers. We don’t have the keys so we do not see your users’ sensitive information. We provide web-based monitoring of our Services and can transfer stored forms to you in batch or in real-time
  • On Premises, In Your Data Center – You can run our Formularity Capture and Storage server applications in your own data center. Our server applications run on real or virtual machines and have no external dependencies
  • In The Cloud - We can deliver a set of scalable, easily deployed server applications, that you can host at the Cloud Provider of your choice
  • APIs - Integrate Formularity  Safety Forms directly into your own Enterprise processes, using our RESTful Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

“The Cloud” (on-demand IT hardware and services) holds a lot of promise:

  • You can leverage the economy of scales to purchase IT services at a lower cost point than traditional in-house servers and data centers
  • With the cloud spread across multiple data centers in multiple regions of the world, you get the high-availability and reliability that your business requires
  • The cloud offers the real-time flexibility to scale, up or down to meet the needs of your users; again letting you pay for only what you need
  • With your IT services in the cloud, you are relieved of the need to maintain and manage a large IT operations staff

This all sounds good until you try to use “The Cloud” to process sensitive health, financial, or personally identifiable information. How do you ensure the required privacy of this information in the shared cloud environment, managed by a staff that are not your employees and are not subject to your background check and trust policies?

Too often, the promises and cost savings of the cloud are out of reach of programs involving sensitive information.

Using Formularity Safety Forms, you can now take advantage of all the promises of cloud computing while still meeting all your corporate, legislative, and industry privacy and security mandates!

Formularity  Safety Forms have been developed “from the ground up” for secure use in shared cloud data centers. Your customer or citizen’s private information is encrypted as it is entered into the form and remains encrypted as it’s collected, processed, and stored in the cloud. Sensitive information is cryptographically protected both “in motion” and “at rest.” The keys and the policies that protect the information always remain under your control and are never given to the cloud. Furthermore, Formularity’s patented processes allow you to set the policy on who can see what information, where and for how long. This lets you outsource the processing of select information on a “strictly need-to-know” basis.

Formularity provides all the software you need to run Safety Forms in the cloud. Forms and servers are packaged as secure, digitally-signed “containers.” They “drop into” your existing infrastructure, eliminating lengthy, error-prone installations and deployments. These containers let you use the Cloud Provider’s dynamic scaling capabilities to expand and shrink to meet demands. You don’t have to worry about your new site “crashing” under the public load, nor do you have to pay for unused capacities and servers.

Alternatively, we provide our own cloud hosting services and can provide you all the benefits of cloud computing at competitive costs. Ask us...




Formularity Is Compliant!

Formularity  Safety Forms are designed for national enrollments and legally binding contracts

Formularity  Safety Forms meet the privacy, interoperability, and information assurance requirements of a large number of standards and government regulations, including:

  • US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)
  • US Federal Information Systems Management Act (FISMA)
  • US National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST)
  • US Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS)
  • International Standards Organization (ISO)
  • Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
  • European Union H2020
  • ECMA International

These are just a few of the many standards our Safety Forms comply with. If you have questions about a particular standard, just ask us...


Lower Cost and Reduced Risk


Why Formularity Will Save You Money And Reduce Program Risks

Formularity Safety Forms reduce your operating costs throughout the information collection, processing, and storage lifecycle.

Formularity  Safety Forms will save you money because:

  • Low Price, High Quality – A complete Formularity Safety Form costs orders of magnitude less than our competitor’s products. We are tempted to say “of equal quality and function,” but nobody offers a form-based information collection system of Formularity’s quality and capabilities. 
  • We Develop Your Forms For You:
  • Development Cost and Risk – Formularity  is the expert on Formularity Safety Forms and our information collection, processing, and storage products. Why should we increase your development costs and risks by asking your developers to learn how to best use our tools? We can turn your requirements into working forms faster and cheaper than your development staff. You already have enough risks and development costs to manage, you should not have to worry about forms development costs and time.
  • Operational Risk – Face it, mistakes can happen. However, when you are dealing with public health, financial, and identity information, you cannot afford the risk of mistakes. Why put your development staff in the position of making mistakes by developing forms with unfamiliar tools and processes?  Formularity applies leading security practices to protect the information you collect and process. We know how to effectively use the features of Formularity Safety Forms to their best advantage. After all, we didn’t just write the book, we wrote the software!
  • No-Cost Revisions and Changes – Forms change with time and revisions. Formularity’s Forms Maintenance Service makes these revisions to your Formularity Safety Forms at no additional cost. We understand the real world of information collection and we have designed our services to meet these real world needs.
  • Simple Licensing – Our server applications has a single, low-cost licensing fee, independent of the number of transactions and servers. Included with our servers are the tools required for monitoring, management, and maintenance. We give you a complete solution and we don’t surprise you with options and add-on costs!
  • “Drop In” Deployment and Configuration – Modern software usually has a number of dependencies on other software packages and operating system configurations. Just resolving these dependencies and getting products installed can take weeks and is often the source of unanticipated schedule delays and slips. All Formularity software is packaged as secure, digitally-signed “containers,” with no external dependencies. They “drop into” your existing infrastructure, eliminating lengthy, error-prone installations and deployments. These containers can be started and stopped in real time, letting you use your Cloud Provider’s dynamic scaling capabilities to expand and shrink to meet demands.

Buying one of our competitor’s products is like buying a fancy new sports car at the dealer and having them deliver a number of crates full of parts….along with an assembly manual! Good luck!

At Formularity, we have a business goal. We want to continue to be successful. We can only be successful if you – our customer – is successful. So at Formularity, we have developed all our products and our services with one goal in mind – your success. We’ll stand by you.


Choose Formularity…For All These Right Reasons

Choice is good! Your clients and citizens should be able to fill out your forms whenever and wherever they want. They should not be restricted to a certain device or be required to be connected to the Internet. Your users have a wide selection of devices, operating systems, and browsers. Formularity lets you accommodate this wide range of choices.

Formularity  Safety Forms work:

We also give you choices in the data center too; to lower your operating costs and to help reduce impact on the environment:

Choose Formularity…For All These Right Reasons